Availability Commitment

The Service will be Available 99.5% of the time, measured on a calendar monthly basis (the “Availability Commitment”). “Availability” means that the Service is available for Customer to send and receive API requests. Availability measures will not include downtime resulting from:

The Availability Commitment does not apply to any downtime of the Services that results from:

Defined Networking will provide customers with reports on Availability upon request.

Customer Support

Defined Networking live technical support business hours will start at 9:00 am Eastern Time and run until 5:00 pm Eastern Time on weekdays. Technical support can be contacted via email at support@defined.com or via webform in the Managed Nebula admin website: https://admin.defined.net/support/contact.

Live technical support will not be available on Christmas Day (December 25) and New Year’s Day (January 1). Limited technical support will be available during the hours listed above during Defined Networking holidays. The current Defined Networking holidays are set forth below: