About Us

Ryan Huber and Nate Brown are the creators of Nebula, the scalable overlay networking tool they built and deployed to connect tens of thousands of servers while working together at Slack.

​Nebula was publicly announced and open sourced in late 2019. In February of 2020, Nate and Ryan left Slack to launch Defined Networking, a new company focused on bringing performant, simple, and secure networking products to organizations large and small.

We are a team of opinionated do-ers who love technology that lives up to its promises (and occasionally even delights us). Good work takes time. Great work takes focus. We feel fortunate to have the support of investors who share these beliefs, and we’re incredibly motivated by the opportunity ahead.

Interested in building the next generation of networking infrastructure software?

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Send us an email if you’re interested in discussing overlay networks. We’d love to hear about what kinds of problems you’re trying to solve with Nebula.