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Interested in creating an overlay network of your own? You’re in the right place. Welcome!

When Nebula was open sourced, we did our best to include clear and concise documentation within the README and configuration files published along with the source code.

GitHub Project (slackhq/nebula)

After a few months of fielding questions about how to get Nebula working it became clear that we needed to expand the official documentation for the project.

Here is where you’ll find detail about each of the major components in Nebula’s architecture, how they fit together, and how to make them work best in a variety of environments and use cases.

Learning about Nebula


We have created Nebula documentation to help you learn about deploying Nebula yourself.

All Things Open Presentation

Watch a 90 minute deep-dive on nebula from All Things Open 2020.

News & Press

Listen a discussion Nebula on TechSNAP Episode 419.

Read “Nebula VPN routes between hosts privately, flexibly, and efficiently” at ArsTechnica

About Defined Networking

Nebula was originally created at Slack Technologies, Inc. by Nate Brown and Ryan Huber, with contributions by a number of their colleagues. Slack open sourced Nebula in November 2019.

Slack Engineering blog post announcing Nebula

In 2020, Nate and Ryan left Slack and founded Defined Networking together. Defined is focused on making Nebula useful to organizations of all sizes.

As of early 2021, Slack continues to be a primary sponsor of the Nebula open source project. Defined Networking is publishing this official documentation with their support.